The KCW Story

Our Story:

Kettle Creek Weddings (KCW) was founded by Rosanne and Wayne Prevett in 1998. Prior to founding KCW, Rosanne and Wayne spent 6 years offering humanitarian assistance in the city of St Thomas where they live. After 6 years of life-changing service providing free weekly meals, a lunch program for children, a very successful community co-op, and so much more their focus began to change from meeting physical needs to also providing service to people who were in need of someone to officiate their common rites of passage. Although they had been officiating wedding ceremonies for over 20 years, in 2003 they decided to commit themselves to making this a full time venture and performed 187 weddings that first year alone.

Since it's inception Kettle Creek Weddings has expanded into other regions, trained and developed new team members, opened offices in major Canadian Regions and can boast a world class web site. In the last seven years, Wayne and Rosanne along with their team of associates have performed over 2500 weddings.


Our Reputation:

We are the most sought after Wedding Officiants in Ontario. We believe the entire planning and ceremony experience with us is amazing and unmatched by anyone else in the industry. We are told this over and over again by many couples, as well as by many professionals who see us in action each week. If you are looking for a ceremony experience that can literally change lives, we are your choice.


Our Philosophy:

We believe that the most important part of the wedding day is the ceremony, yet all too often the ceremony is "tolerated" so that everyone can get on with the party. We do not share this same philosophy and are committed to bringing life back to the ceremony. We are committed to your wedding ceremony being a great success. We want it to be a memorable experience for all present, and we know it will be talked about for weeks and months to come. We will work with you to customize the ceremony to meet your needs and to ensure your wedding day will be one you will always remember. 


Our Team:

Our team of Wedding Officiants is second to none! Each of our associates is hand picked and then extensively trained to the highest possible standards. With the Ceremony being the most important part of your wedding day, your choice of Officiant needs to be given very careful consideration.


Booking Your Wedding:

Email the office and we will check our availability and arrange a time for you to meet with one of our team to discuss your ceremony. At the consultation one of our trained Officiants will walk you through our one-of-a-kind ceremony planning guide, offer suggestions for the exchange of vows and rings, as well as suggestions for other parts of the ceremony. The Officiant that you meet with for your initial consultation will be the person who will perform your ceremony; you do not meet one Officiant and then have a different one perform your ceremony. A deposit will guarantee the time and date for your wedding. See steps to booking your ceremony.


Our Foundation:

The foundation of all we do at Kettle Creek Weddings is our passion to see lives transformed. We are convinced from our own relationship that marriage can and should be the greatest thing going. To that end we are committed to investing into each couples lives. Kettle Creek Weddings is based on the same principles and practices of our not-for profit incorporated charity called Celebrating Life.  We know that many people who do not have a faith community are in need of an ordained Minister (Officiant) to perform their wedding ceremony, because in Ontario there are no marriage commissionaires to do this as there are in other provinces. We are ordained ministers who are licensed to perform wedding ceremonies through government recognized denominations. We started Celebrating Life in 2000, and its purpose is to help people celebrate and navigate life's most significant transitions, such as weddings, funerals, baby dedications, marriage counseling and many other family life issues. Over the past few years we have assisted thousands of families and couples Celebrate Life.