The KCW Difference

Over the past 10 years we have learned a great deal about the wedding industry in Ontario. From our inception we have set out to make sure Kettle Creek Weddings was different than any thing that had ever existed in the Wedding Officiant industry. We were intentional about the direction we were going and the kind of business we wanted to build. We can assure you that we offer a fresh and relevant approach to the wedding ceremony. Many individuals and companies that have tried to mimic us and our approach, but we remain the real thing.


Our Experience-our team of associates have performed thousands of weddings spanning over 40  years. We are not a team of newbies who have no proven track record. We are seasoned and experienced at not only performing wedding ceremonies, but at organizing and overseeing public events. The lead Officiants of KCW are educated, professional, many who have led major organizations or businesses in Ontario.  It is important to note that most Officiants in Ontario have no experience in leading or organizing significant public events, let alone performing wedding ceremonies.




Our commitment to Excellence

  • Every associate is required to dress appropriately and professionally at all times.

  • Every associate goes through our comprehensive training and certification process in addition to any training or experience they may have had.

  • We have world class websites that offer more ceremony planning resources and practical assistance than other Officiant website.

  • All the resources we provide the bride and groom are professionally designed and printed. We have set for ourselves the highest standard of excellence which is evident the moment you meet us.


Our Founders-Kettle Creek Weddings was founded by Wayne and Rosanne Prevett who built a 500 weddings a year wedding Officiant company in London Ontario in less than 4 years. Not only are Wayne and Rosanne professionals in every way, they are passionately in love with each other which is reflected in their presentation at every wedding they perform. Their commitment to excellence is now being passed-on to other couples and associates around Ontario who are carrying on the great Kettle Creek name. Rosanne and Wayne are also seasoned, effective communicators who specialize in motivating couples to greatness in their relationships.


Our obvious Passion for marriage is a hallmark of Kettle Creek Weddings. Time and again we are told by couples we marry and their guests that our ceremonies are delivered with a passion and obvious personal touch that is not often seen. The reason for the passion is simple: we believe in marriage and love our partners. It is our conviction that a wedding Officiant/Minister who does not believe in marriage or enjoys a healthy marriage should never perform a wedding ceremony.



The Confidence of Other Wedding Professionals in Kettle Creek Weddings is a major difference between KCW and others. We are the number one recommended Officiant service in Ontario. Not only are we the most recommended, but when a professional in the industry needs an Officiant, we are their number one choice.




Our Training and Certification Process. We are the only Officiant company that has a detailed and comprehensive training and certification process. We know what it takes to be the best- it takes training and accountability! Both of these are foundational to our company. We have received phone calls from anxious Officiants who have never performed a ceremony and have no idea what to do. Although the organization they are ordained with claim to be available for all seasons and circumstances these anxious Officiants have told us they have received no training or support. All our associates are required to attend quarterly training sessions and have our team of lead Officiants available to assist at all times.  



Our commitment to Partner with the the bride and groom to create a ceremony that reflects their wishes and personality. We knew after meeting just a few couples, that involvement and participation in crafting the ceremony was an absolute necessity. We set out to put in place all the resources and tools necessary to ensure that the desire to "be involved" would be met.


Our Online Resources are amazing! So much so that we have made them exclusively available to those who use our services. Everything that you need to craft your ceremony is all in one spot, dozens of vow choices, romantic readings, wording for all the popular special ceremonial elements like the sand ceremony. Our resources are the best!